A New Breath Of Legacy

A Tradition Sense Of Heritage. The Influence.

Art Deco Style
By the mid 1900s, modern advances in technology in the world as well as post war economy started to exert influence on shophouse architecture. As the world was introduced to airliners, ships, and motocars, shophouses also began to reflect the wonders of the Machine Age. The organically inspired ornamentation of the earlier period was discarded in favour of more streamlined designs, curved corners and strong horizontal lines. Geometric shapes, zigzag roofs and flagpoles were also common.

Where Can You Find Them?
Other than Tiong Bahru, Art Deco shophouses can be found in Bukit Pasoh-most notably the Dong Ya building, which now houses Potato Head. An adaptive form of Art Dec, termed Tropical Deco can also be found in shophouses along Club Street and Cavan Road.

Iconic Artistry
Shaped by the rich heritage of the renowned Balestier, 1953 stands beautifully with a conserved facade to add on to a new legacy. The up and coming landmark will be iconic at the locale where new chapters unfold in a precinct filled with characters and conveniences. Welcome 1953.

The Perfect Weave
At the street of old-world charm, 1953 brings forth a new world of eclectic fronting and lifestyle. This perfect weave between heritage and modernity serves a reminiscence to those who understand the beauty of Balestier and its thick history.

A New Dawn Rises In An Old-World Charm

Stunning Beauty From Outside In
A place where you can truly call your own is rare to find. At 1953, you can have the best of all worlds. Soak your life in a home that provides your lifestyle needs right at the heart of the city. Own 1953.